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What is Sports Therapy?

A Sports Therapist specialises in the prevention of injury, and treatment, and rehabilitation of existing conditions, restoring clients to their optimum level of fitness, regardless of age or physical ability.


I treat clients with musculoskeletal conditions utilising a combination of soft tissue techniques, joint mobilisations and corrective exercises.

Tim Ridge Sports Therapist. Sports Injuries, Redruth

What can I expect at a Sports Therapy Session?

At the beginning of the session a full subjective examination is taken from the client, including an in-depth history of any previous injuries and any other health conditions that may be relevant.


Next, I will ask the client to give me as much detail about their current injury as this allows me to understand how the issue started and help formulate a working diagnosis.


After, we move on to the objective assessment, this involves looking at the person's overall posture, their ability to move the effected areas actively, passively and against resistance. Also, it is very important to see the client’s upper/ lower limb function together through more dynamic testing. Finally, I use special orthopaedic tests, which can either rule in/ out more serious conditions.


Once a full examination and assessment has been carried out I will give my client a working diagnosis and then move on to treatment.


Very often after treatment I give clients specific exercises to do at home or in the gym to help improve their condition between appointments.

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