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Tim Ridge Sports Therapy website

Is pain preventing you

from doing your day

to day activities?

Or stopping you playing the sport you love?

Examination & Assessment

First, we try to gain as much information about your medical history as possible. Next, we talk about how the injury occurred and what makes it worse and what makes it better.

We then move on to an assessment, where we look at your overall posture, range of motion and your ability to perform functional movements.


Once a diagnosis has been made, an appropriate treatment technique will be implemented to either decrease pain, restore correct tissue tone or correct joint motion.


After treatment, if appropriate we will work through specific rehabilitation exercises to reinforce the changes already made. These exercises are then practiced in the clinic and often given as home exercises to help clients injuries improve between sessions.

Sports Massage

Looking for a tune up? You don't need to be injured to benefit from a sports massage. Improve tissue extensibility, reduce muscle tone and soreness which can lead to injury.



"I had severe pain in my knee for years. I went to the doctors multiple times and they did nothing. I went to Tim and within a month it was pain free. One year later, I haven't suffered with any pain in my knee."

Emily Richards 

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